Groovy! The Groovy Social Network is changing the landscape of social media and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Groovy likes to do things differently with no advertising clogging up your timeline. No one wants to be targeted with advertising and with Groovy’s monthly subscription based model, Groovy is making online advertising obsolete.

Protecting your personal information is a top priority at Groovy and we promise to never sell or share your personal data like posts and searches to anyone! Ever!

Fake news online is everywhere today. Groovy encourages member feedback to monitor posts linking to news stories and if a story is found to be fake news or contain inappropriate content, our admins pull down the post and may suspend the user. Groovy wants you to just have the facts!

Taking care of others is paramount at Groovy. That is why we are building The Groovy Foundation: a non-profit organization created to expand opportunities and provide professional training to build smartphone apps and web programming for veterans, the homeless, single parents, the unemployed and the under employed.

No advertising!
No selling your personal data!
No fake news!
Helping others!

All of these tenets make Groovy! The Groovy Social Network the place for you!

For more information, send us a Groovy email at or mail us a Groovy Letter at:

Groovy! The Groovy Social Network!
PO Box 1605
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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