Groovy collects “Cookies”
A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on your computer’s hard drive that lets Groovy know when and how our pages in our web site are being viewed and by how many people. This lets Groovy better design a friendlier and productive website.
Personal information is not shared with a third party.

Why are Cookies Used?
Cookies are a convenient way to carry information from one session on a website to another, or between sessions on related websites, without having to burden a server machine with massive amounts of data storage.
Storing the data on the server without using cookies would also be problematic because it would be difficult to retrieve a particular user's information without requiring a login on each visit to the website.
If there is a large amount of information to store, then a cookie can simply be used as a means to identify a given user so that further related information can be looked up on a server-side database.
For example the first time a user visits a site they may choose a username which is stored in the cookie, and then provide data such as password, - this information would all be stored on the database using the username as a key.
Subsequently when the site is revisited the server will read the cookie to find the username, and then retrieve all the user's information from the database without it having to be re-entered.

How Secure are Cookies?
There is a lot of concern about privacy and security on the internet.
Cookies do not in themselves present a threat to privacy, since they can only be used to store information that the user has volunteered or that the web server already has.

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